Tukuma Straume works have been completed: on February 27, the building was successfully accepted by the customer and put into operation. See pictures for more info. tukuma straume sda4a 152x80

Construction works at the "Baltic Logistic Solutions" facility are drawing to a close (General contractor: Bukoteks). This site can be considered our biggest roofing project in 2014: its total area of roofing amounts to nearly 40,000 m2. sanitex feb01 152x80

Another construction project is drawing to its end in Vangaži (Riga District). We are referring to a paint shop reconstruction. Project's General Contractor: IZOTERMS SIA. Izoterms Vangazhi 152x80

Works on reconstruction of the grain elevator located in Tume municipality of Tukums region are about to end. Customer: Joint-Stock Company "Tukuma Straume"; General Contractor: Emimar. Tukuma STAUM 2015 152x80