High-fold profiles are constructional elements and can be used on widespread roofs due to their high durability. Production offer includes T50, T55, T60, T80, T92P, T135P, T150, T160 trapezoidal sheets of high durability parameters, which are used in building trading and industry buildings. The sheets can be used for load-bearing constructions as well as ceilings. Trapezoidal profiles  durability depends not only on the sheet thickness or fold height but also on the bearings spacing, which should be specied in building design project. Load-bearing tables and assembly manuals are useful in designing and assembly of the trapezoidal sheets by our company.

Load-bearing tables developed for trapezoidal sheets ease designing as they save time which would be spent on calculating effective characteristics of thin-walled geometrical products of complex shapes. Trapezoidal sheets are produced with PN-EN 14782:2008 standard and CE marked.

Trapezoidal sheets are an economic material for roofing and elevation. A wide range of profiles – from 6 mm to 160 mm height – and types of sheets (galvanized, coated) allows for a diversified use on roofs and elevations, gates and fences, as well as on load-bearing structures in individual and industrial buildings. Low profile trapezoidal sheet can be used for elevation (T6 – T60) and roong (T14 – T60) of houses, garages and small industrial buildings, whereas higher profiles, due to their higher durability, are used on roofs with larger surfaces and on load-bearing structures. Trapezoidal sheets are characterized by high durability, stiffness of construction and economic use. Trapezoidal sheets are produced out of galvanized, aluzinc, coated or aluminium coated steel sheets (sheet length: 0.50 – 1.50 mm). In order to improve acoustic values within a building in which trapezoidal sheets are used, there is a possibility of adding perforation. Propositions of perforation possible for each sheet type are included in the enclosed cross sections. Trapezoidal sheets are produced in accordance with PN-EN 14782:2008 standard and marked by CE sign. Use: roof covering, elevation covering, structure element.